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Innovating the Logistics of Secure Package Delivery

We manufacture a secure unit for package delivery called the Delivery Dropbox™. Accessible via our mobile app, store and access your packages anytime from anywhere for your home or business.


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Are you one of over 49 MILLION Americans who have had a package stolen?

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Incident rates and average loss captured in research reflects more than $2.4 billion in stolen goods.


The Delivery Dropbox™

Our patented design enables more effective and secure package deliveries to consumers and businesses. With our mobile app, you no longer have to worry about being home for deliveries or damaged and stolen packages.

  • Eliminate package theft
  • Protect packages from getting damaged
  • Increase delivery speed & efficiency

  • Eliminate costly 2nd & 3rd delivery attempts by couriers
  • With our app, get real-time package notifications


The Design

The Delivery Dropbox™ was designed to be robust and aesthetically appealing. Designed to hold up to 20 lbs of weight, we used advanced techniques to cast the units to a high specification and have an issued patent in the U.S. and pending in the U.K.

Our innovative “side drawer delivery” is unique and has the interest of several large operators. We expect the FAA and other regulatory bodies around the world to begin allowing limited drone deliveries to homeowners very soon. We are uniquely positioned to immediately offer vendors and consumers secure delivery at scale once approval has been granted.

Key Features

We enable reliable package delivery to secure locations. Our Delivery Dropbox™ allows couriers by foot to deliver packages theft-free and will provide the same access for drone delivery in the coming years.


No need to rush home or alter schedules to avoid theft or package damage.


Easily access the unit remotely at any time with our secure app.


Patented front drawer access vs opening at the top exposing packages to outside elements.


Sturdy box design holds up to 20 lbs and is tested for drone drops up to 5 lbs from 5 ft high.


Near zero maintenance with dual battery operation and app notification when batteries need replaced.


Large reception to receive packages delivered via drone, even off center drops.


Establishes and maintains communication with the vendor or drone.


Get our personalized installation service in the location of your choice.


How it Works


How to Order

We are accepting reservations for the first 100 units. Pre-order your secure Delivery Dropbox™ today!

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Pay $199 now then the remaining $299 when your unit ships in 2023.


  • Second group to receive units
  • Free subscription for 1 year

  • Free 12-volt battery ($30 value)
  • Scotia Logistics app to control the unit

  • Free support and customer service

  • Personalized white glove install of the unit


Payment is fully refundable until units start shipping in 2023.


  • Be the first to receive a unit

  • Free LIFETIME subscription

  • Includes 2 FREE 12-Volt Batteries ($60 value)
  • Scotia Logistics app to control the unit

  • Free support and customer service

  • Personalized white glove install of the unit


Request Information

Have questions? Click here to schedule a phone call with our CEO, John Ritchie.

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Meet John Ritchie, CEO

Formed in 2017, Scotia Logistics started on a mission to develop a solution to optimize the logistics of secure package delivery to homes and businesses. Our secure Delivery Dropbox™ allows couriers by foot to deliver packages theft-free and will provide the same access for drone delivery in the coming years.

John has over 35 Years of Finance and Operations experience in high-tech companies and is currently a Senior Director of Finance in a Fortune 100 company in Silicon Valley. John has a Bachelor Degree from Stirling University in Scotland and is a CMA from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in the UK.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the delivery and Delivery Dropbox™ work?2021-10-31T00:27:44+00:00

Simply order a package online just as you normally do. Upon arrival, the delivery person presses a button on the lower right side of the unit to activate and if empty, is unlocked and the unit’s drawer opens. The package(s) is then placed in the tray which will retract and lock. You are immediately notified via email and or push notification via our app that your packages are stored, locked and safe from thieves and the outside elements. Access your packages at anytime from your mobile device or tablet.

What makes your anti-package theft device different?2021-10-31T00:40:19+00:00

Our build quality and technology is unmatched. Made from high quality poly-carbonate, the Delivery Dropbox™ has a patented side drawer access with secure cloud connectivity ensuring efficient and 100% secure delivery and storage. Keep your packages safe from outside elements and manage your unit remotely via our app at anytime, from anywhere. Other solutions often rely on video capture of package thieves who are often never caught and your packages are never recovered.

How much does it cost? Is there a subscription charge?2021-11-11T04:15:47+00:00

For the first 100 orders, we are giving you two options to pay. The total cost of the unit is $499 but for a limited time, we’re offering a split payment. Pay just $199 now and the last $300 upon shipment of your Delivery Dropbox™.

Also for just the first 100 orders, we’re giving a free lifetime subscription to those who pay in full and a free 1-year subscription to those who opt for the split payment option.

What if i’m out of town and expect multiple deliveries?2021-10-30T22:07:17+00:00

Remotely access your Delivery Dropbox™ from anywhere via our Scotia Logistics mobile app. You’ll be able to remotely open the unit for a trusted person to retrieve and hold your package(s). We are also currently working on a multi-package Delivery Dropbox™ that holds up to 5 packages. This is also patented both in the United States and United Kingdom and we expect this option to be available as an upgrade in the near future.

How do I know when a package is delivered?2021-10-30T22:04:45+00:00

Once a package has been placed in your Delivery Dropbox™, our Scotia Logistics mobile app will instantly send you an email or push notification letting you know your package has arrived safely. Access your unit anytime from anywhere. Choose when you prefer to retrieve your package(s) or use the mobile app to activate and allow others to retrieve the package for you.

Do I need to inform the carrier about my Delivery Dropbox™?2021-11-11T04:16:53+00:00

Included with your Delivery Dropbox™ is a simple sign informing the delivery person how to access and securely deliver your package(s). Once all carriers are cloud connected to the box via the barcode, the delivery person will scan your package signaling to open the unit before reaching your doorstep. Since the Delivery Dropbox™ doesn’t need to connect with the carrier in the short term, your unit will work with them right away without any connection.

How is the Delivery Dropbox™ secure from thieves?2021-11-11T04:18:29+00:00

Without our App (Download: Apple Store / Google Play) and the unique homeowner access codes, a person is unable to gain entry into the unit. Made from high quality poly-carbonate, the unit is extremely sturdy making it extremely difficult to break into. Once the package is inside the unit’s tray, there are multiple sensors that sense a package being deposited, thereby retracting the tray and locking the unit. You, the owner have encrypted access through the app to gain access and retrieve the package.

Packages have been stolen from homeowners in the last year
Homeowners are worried packages left outside their home will be stolen
Packages are stolen during the day when homeowners are at work
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